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Please note the change in class schedule for Wednesdays.

Reminder: If you're going on vacation, tuition credit can be arranged by notifying us via the link on the forms page.

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Red Lion Karate is a premier martial arts school located in the Square of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to excellence in educating and inspiring students in the martial arts way. Red Lion Karate was built on two foundational values: to teach and educate martial arts in the old-style, classical Okinawan weapons and their relationship to empty hand techniques, as well as giving back to the community. We are a member school of the Universal Martial Arts Association, giving us unprecedented opportunities to enrich our curriculum with many martial arts masters from around the world. Red Lion Karate prides itself on its fundraising efforts where each year we donate funds raised to either a worthy organization or an individual/family in need. These funds are raised by the students and the students' families through various activities such as the annual car wash, “Rail Trail” bike ride and donation drives. Not only do we emphasize good personal values, we also believe in effective physical training, sound guiding principles, and techniques relative to self-defense - not “Sport Karate.”